Sister Bows are unique because girls and women are all unique.

They are beautiful because we are all beautiful.

But, we are not all alike. We have our own identities and our own ideas. We have our own stories, songs and secrets.

At Sister Bows, we believe girls of all ages should be free to show our true colours to the world: to be ourselves, express ourselves, and love ourselves. We believe in kindness, and in embracing our differences.

We make accessories for girls who don’t want to hide their light or dim their sparkle for anyone.

They’re for women who lead by example: strong, compassionate and proud of who they are.

Sister Bows are for women and girls who are individual, but united. This makes us mighty - this makes us a sisterhood.

Proudly designed in Sydney, Sister Bows are for all girls of all ages: unique and beautiful, in all the colours of the rainbow!