Sister Bows are unique because all girls are unique.

They are beautiful because every girl is beautiful.

But, girls don’t all like the same things. They have their own identities and their own ideas. They have their own favourite stories, their own songs and secrets.

They have their own true colours.

At Sister Bows, we believe all girls deserve to show their true colours. No girl should have to pretend to be something she isn’t; to say something she doesn’t feel; or wear things that don’t reflect her true self. We believe in kindness, and girls lifting each other up. This makes us mighty - this makes us a sisterhood.

Sister Bows are for girls who don’t want to hide their light. For girls who won’t dim their sparkle for anyone, for girls who want to express themselves and be themselves.

Proudly designed in Sydney, Sister Bow hair bows are for all girls: unique and beautiful, in all the colours of the rainbow!