Silk Pillowcase

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You've just met your new BFF!

Braids stay neater for longer - Reduce morning bedhead frizz -  Keep skin fresh while you snooze.

Our superior 100% Mulberry Silk (22 momme) is the highest quality.

Who'd have thought that a silk pillowcase could make such a difference with your skin and hair?

Why Use a Silk Pillowcase?

Silk doesn't just make us feel fancy, it has some very real benefits.

Skin Care

Silk is hypoallergenic, and absorbs less moisture than cotton. This allows your skin to stay more hydrated while you kip.

Cotton causes friction against your skin - resulting in sleep creases (those little folds you might sometimes see on your cheeks when you wake up). Silk slides over your skin... so no friction, no pulling, no creasing.


Cotton rubs and drags against hair follicles while you snooze. This causes hair breakage, bed frizz, and knots. Silk allows the hair to slide over it, resulting in smoother hair, longer lasting blow drys AND neater braids for longer!


To care for your silk - simply cold hand wash regularly.